BUILDMAT is a Belgian group of successful companies that operate within the construction and other industries and are committed to the distribution of innovative products. The BUILDMAT group is a dynamic and continually expanding organization. Entrepreneurship and customer focus are key. Buildmat is ambitious and invests in the development of its companies by continuously striving for innovation and digitalization.











About Buildmat

The BUILDMAT head office is based in Oostakker. The group, which currently has 8 companies in its portfolio, with a workforce of 360 employees, generated a consolidated turnover of € 211 million in 2022. The shareholders are Joris Ide, Jean Charles Wibo, Geert Van Stappen and Jo Verfaellie.

  • April 2004

    ‘Deschacht’, a family business located in Oostakker, was acquired by Jean Charles Wibo, Geert Van Stappen and Jo Verfaellie. The company employed 35 people.


  • June 2009

    Introduction of Liberty Trading nv and Deschacht Zedelgem and merger with Deschacht. 4 subsidiaries in Oostakker, Hamme, Tielt and Zedelgem. Joris Ide became a shareholder.


  • December 2010

    Acquisition of Collinet, a production company in Herstal. Focus on the production of oil and grease separators and associated technical sewerage products.


  • October 2011

    Takeover of VGM, an insulation specialist based in Rijkevorsel.


  • November 2011

    Establishment of Buildmat, the umbrella holding company.


  • July 2013

    Opening of a new Deschacht site in Geel.


  • March 2014

    Opening of a new Deschacht site in Hoogstraten and merger of VGM.


  • March 2014

    Acquisition of L&S tile and paving cover patent.


  • January 2015

    Acquisition of ‘MPP‘ aluminium linear drainage and paving covers production, Poland.


  • March 2015

    Acquisition of Indistri trading activities.


  • December 2017

    Acquisition of D&K packaging, based in Antwerp.


  • June 2018

    Acquisition of Outilac-De Munter, a distributor of tools and equipment in Belgium and France, with 3 subsidiaries.


  • July 2018

    Merger of D&K with the Deschacht foil division: establishment of Foylo, a specialist in foils and packaging.


  • January 2019

    Opening of Deschacht in Hasselt.


  • December 2019

    Acquisition and merger of Kab, a roofing and insulation materials specialist and distributor, into Deschacht.


  • January 2020

    Opening of Deschacht in Herent.


  • December 2020

    Acquisition of Technicel, a specialist in system solutions for the flooring industry with 6 subsidiaries throughout Flanders.


  • May 2021

    Name change from Outilac-De Munter to ODM. Opening of a state-of-the-art logistics centre in Grâce-Hollogne. Centralization of the Jamblin and Jemeppe sites in Grâce-Hollogne. Relocation of ODM Flanders to Oostakker.


  • May 2021

    Name change from L&S Top Solutions to LS Drain.


  • overname hydromat
    December 2021

    Acquisition of Hydro-mat, a supplier of pipes, fittings, valves i.a., for drinking and extinguishing water supply and sewage.


  • doms hekken
    April 2022

    Acquisition of Doms BV, specialized wholesaler of fences, gates and steel wire.


  • June 2022

    Acquisition of the company Techno Sales, supplier-specialist in customised film packaging.


  • September 2022

    Opening of the 6th Technicel branch: Technicel Gent.


  • December 2022

    Name change and new logo: Domspro



  • May 2023

    Acquisition of


  • houten panelen
    November 2023

    Reprise du logo de Domspro en se concentrant sur son activité principale : la distribution de clôtures, de portails et de grillages.



    Hekwerkshop devient Best Fence Products sa.


  • January 2024

    Opening of the 7th Technicel branch: Technicel Hasselt.


  • filiaal domspro hoogstraten
    February 2024

    Opening of a second Domspro branch next to Deschacht’s in Hoogstraten: Domspro Hoogstraten.


  • filiaal domspro hoogstraten
    March 2024

    Opening of a third Domspro branch next to Best Fence Products in Geel: Domspro Geel.


Mission innovation


The markets in which we operate are evolving rapidly. Until recently fairly traditional sectors are now undergoing rapid changes. Hardly a week goes by without an innovative product, concept, method or technology being mentioned in the media.

Buildmat keeps pace with these developments. We constantly monitor the sectors in which we operate looking for innovative products and technologies. This is reflected in the range of products/services provided by our operating companies, in the growth and diversification of our group and in our unconditional focus on digitalisation.


Buildmat invests in both expansion and specialisation. Our acquisitions and participations are focused on specific segments. The companies in question each have their own product range and in-depth expertise and experience. This combination enables us to strive for excellence and added value in each of our operating companies. We want to systematically outperform the market.


Buildmat aims for horizontal integration, not only in terms of product ranges and niches, but also at an organisational level. At group level, we implement best-of-breed digital systems for, amongst others, logistics & supply chain, e-marketing and web shops, finance, etc., which we can quickly integrate and roll out in our different operating companies. This enables us to adapt quickly in all these areas and adopt a leading position in the market.



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Deschacht, which has its head office in Oostakker, is a successful Belgian distributor of building products. The company has built up 40 years of know-how and expertise and now employs 180 staff across 10 branches. The extensive range includes sewerage and drainage materials, utility lines and pipework, as well as roofing, facade and insulation materials.

Expertise centres (project supervision & advice) in construction projects from subterranean to roof level, sewerage studies via Bim.

  • Own transport for fast delivery
  • Online web shop
  • 15,000 items in stock
  • In-house zinc profiling centres
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Foylo in Antwerp is a leading partner and specialist in industrial packaging, construction and LDPE foils.

  • Total partner for foils and packaging
  • Wide range of products for diverse sectors and applications
  • Extensive foil technology know-how
  • Focused on logistics: stock management and fast service
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Collinet in Herstal operates within the field of water technology and is both a manufacturer and distributor of environmental protection materials.

  • Producer of:
    • Oil and grease separators
    • Storage tanks
    • Monitoring chambers & sumps
    • Stainless steel drainage materials: linear drainage, gutters
  • Extensive range of synthetic drainage channels
  • Focused on delivering bespoke solutions
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ODM in Grâce-Hollogne distributes a comprehensive range of MRO products (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) at home and abroad and employs approximately 40 people.

  • Specialist in manual and cutting tools
  • Online web shop linked to fast delivery
  • Active in Belgium and France
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Technicel® is a market leader and partner offering high quality system solutions to professional flooring contractors in Flanders.

Technicel® brings manufacturers and skilled technicians closer together by testing products within a guaranteed installation system.

The extensive product range includes tile cement, construction panels, discharge techniques, waterproofing products, egaline and silicone compounds.

  • Technicel® System solutions are the key to a technically correct and high-quality finish. Delivering quality and certainty at any site!
  • The Technicel® Academy trains flooring contractors and advises site managers and architects on the application of the system solutions associated with different tiling techniques.
  • Technicel® R&D is continually looking for new developments in order to serve highly skilled technicians even better with guaranteed high quality installations.
  • Technicel® Service Centres have representations with dedicated technical advisers in the main construction areas.

Technicel® currently employs 30 people, across 5 stores and advice locations in Flanders and its Corporate Centre in Westerlo. Technicel® is investing in further growth aiming for 10 subsidiaries in Belgium.

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The MPP production site in Poland specializes in the manufacture of high quality aluminium floor covers and linear drainage. LS Drain is a sole distributor to the construction and tile trade in the Belgian market.

Please visit the MPP website for further information.

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Domspro is specialized in distributing products for environmental construction such as fences, gates, palisades, screens, gabions, clinker covers and custom steel wire.

Domspro supplies professionals all over Belgium from the large stock in Brussegem.

Thanks to a wide range, every professional will find something to his liking for every environmental project.
The strong point of Domspro? A dynamic and enthusiastic team that advises its customers with a great know-how, a quality service and customization.

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Best Fence Products is a manufacturer of garden gates, the H-Fencepost® and steel components for fences and gates such as aluminum feet, wall slats, and brackets. The company is based in Geel and was founded by Mr. Björn Van Houtven. We supply the trade throughout Belgium from our production facility in Geel.

In-house development has led to the creation of the unique and patented metal H-Fencepost®, recognizable by its double-walled legs and the print in the slot. It is made from a complete metal tube in one piece, without any loose U-profiles, screws, or visible welding seams. This patented post can be combined with 2D or 3D panels, thermowood, composite, or sandwich panels to install a sleek garden fence.

Our strengths? Own development and production based on years of installation experience. We work closely with wholesalers and installers to find creative technical solutions for every issue.

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